Thursday, October 22, 2020

I Love Selling my Digital Products on Payhip

 Do you have digital products to sell? Are you working on an ebook or planning on creating one in the future? You will need a place to market and sell your ebook. I love selling my digital products on Payhip because it's super easy. All users need to do is upload their book or course file, add a short description, price, and product image, and that's about it. There are other things available on the site that will help you sell your products that are optional.

Get started with $0 money. Of course there are paid upgrade options and they will charge a small fee each time products are sold. It's worth it to have a place that is professional to sell your digital products.

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Referral Rewards

Customers can get special discounts when referring their friends. The discounts amounts are set by you.

Refer others to sell on Payhip and earn through your own personal affiliate link.

How will I get paid? You will get paid by linking your Paypal account.

Start selling on Payhip here I hope this helps you sell your digital products. Remember to share your product link on social media. They will also give you a personal store link. Try texting and emailing your contacts.

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Thursday, February 27, 2020

A Sneak Peek Inside my Upcoming Breakthrough Prayer Book & Journal

 Get Your Breakthrough!!

It's Always a blessing to be in the process of publishing a new release. It is just as much of a blessing to work on something that will bless the lives of many. This morning God placed it in my spirit to write a few prayers for this book. In the next month or so, I plan on sharing with my viewers at least three of the prayers in the book. Today I want you all to take a look at one of the prayers titled, "Lord I Want to be Whole". This prayer is for the person that has made mistakes in their life and want change. 

Lord I Want to be Whole

Father I come to you humbly as I know how. I've made mistakes in my life that have caused me hurt myself and others. I am sorry and repent of my sins. I want to be the person that I know you have called me to be. I've tried changing in the past but found it a struggle. Deep down, I know that I am not the person that i've become. Help me to fulfill my purpose. Help me to believe in myself. I know that there is more to me than this. Lord God touch my mind and give me the strength to not look back. I want to move forward to new things. I want to make something out of my life. Father move those people out of my life that mean me no good. Save me oh Lord from the hands of the enemy. I believe that your son is Jesus Christ and that he died for our sins. Create in me a clean heart. Open up my eyes that I will see the truth. Help me to live a life that is Holy and acceptable in the sight of you.

I want to be free! Amen!

God Will Give us the Power to Tear Down Strongholds in our Life but we Must Believe. We can not Doubt or Give up!

How to Pull Down Strongholds

For the Weapons of our Warfare are not Carnal but, Mighty Through God to the Pulling Down Strongholds in our life.  
II Corinthians 10:4 KJV

We can only pull down strongholds in our life through God. Many are trying to do this on their own. Sometimes we get ourselves in situations but must come to the reality that God will give us the strength to bring us out. Pray each day for deliverance and healing. Pray over your mind (each day) that God will give you the strength to change.

A Bible Verse About Prayer

Therefore I say unto you, what things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have have them.
Mark 11:24 KJV

A Prayer for Strength

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."
Philippians 4:13 KJV

That Prayer Was Inspired by my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ.
The Prayers That I Write for This Book are Indeed Inspired by Real life Issues That I've Experienced. 

One way to reach God's people is to be a person that people can relate to!!

I plan on doing a prayer book specifically for men. I have two Women's Ministries but I would never forget the men. So men if you would like to be a part of a prayer book by writing a prayer please let me know. 

Women that want to contribute to this prayer book please fill out this form . The publishing fee is very very minimal. I just want this to be a blessing to God's people.

My Email Addresses:

My Facebook URL

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Diamond Dolls Prayer Network

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The Book is Available for Preorder!!

Friday, November 22, 2019

A Look Back In Time by Author Bernard N. Lee, Jr.

This Month's Editor's & Book Club Choice is.....
Author & Speaker Bernard Lee!!

He's Helped us Take a Look Back in Time!

About the Author

Bernard N. Lee, Jr. is the oldest son of a career veteran of the US Army. He traveled throughout the United States and Europe during his childhood. The places he traveled to, the people he met, and the stories he remembers are shared in his memoir series; “A Look Back in Time: Memoir of a Military Kid In The Fifties, Vol. I & II.”

Bernie attended Howard University in Washington, D.C., joined the Army ROTC Program, obtained a private pilot’s license, a regular army commission, and retired as a Captain from the Army Reserves. Upon graduating, Bernie joined AT&T in New Jersey, where he worked until his retirement in 2003. Bernie also taught classes at Somerset VoTech and led a group called PACE, preparing high school students for STEM programs in college.

Bernie is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI), the Atlanta Writers Club, Georgia Writer’s Association, Atlanta African American Book Festival, Books By Brats Group, Brats Overseas Group, Indie Author’s Group, and more. Bernie is a regular guest on the Tribe Family Channel – Gumbo For the Soul Network Podcasts.

Bernie is also a member of the Nuremberg High School Alumni Association, Cameron and Howard University Alumni Associations, and the “How Big Is Your Dream Foundation (HBIYD?!)”.

Bernie resides in Conyers, Georgia, with Edwina (his wife of forty-three wonderful years), where he teaches “Chess for Advanced and Beginning students” in an after school program.

He's also passionate about getting his books in the hands of grade students. If you are someone that would like to help him get books in the classrooms of children, contact him here. 

Feel free to visit his official website and #Amazon pages here. - 
Website - 
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Monday, August 5, 2019

Women of Power II is Blessing so Many!!

Women of Power II is already Blessing Many! I personally have sold 46 books prior to recently publishing. This does not include copies sold by the other contributors. We've only been published less than a month but our stories are touching lives. The first book was so amazing that Jeru Publications decided to publish a second. Yes there will be a third and who knows maybe a fourth. Each book has powerful testimonies from the contributors and the visionary Author Victoria Sheffield. The books are so life changing that they motivate, empower, and give anyone that reads them the strength to overcome. The contributors share true stories some in which have never been told. 

God is a sustainer, a healer, and everything that we need. I want readers to know that God will keep us in the midst of a storm. Read about how God sustained us all an gave us the strength to endure. Are you having a difficult day?? Pop this book in your purse or briefcase. Read it anytime you feel a little down or discouraged. I am sure that your strength will be renewed. You will be encouraged and have the power you need to soar. Do you have a family member that has a birthday coming up soon? The book would be a great gift for men and women at any occasion. 

Get a Copy Here!
Send a $21 payment - (includes shipping) 

Include it in a gift basket. Give it to a friend that is going through something. If you order one from me today, I will autograph it for you and send a small special gift. The book will ship out within 10 days. If you follow one of the contributors on social media, inbox them and ask them how you can get a copy.

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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Our Latest Book Club Feature is Author Adrian Walker II

We Are Happy to
 Announce that Minister Adrian C. Walker II is our Latest 
Book Club Feature - Based on His True Story #ChristianPublication

From his youthful perspective, Adrian C. Walker II, whom is the eldest of thirteen siblings, and now aspiring author- instantaneously and subconsciously discovered that growing up sooner than than later was his determining factor. 

In retrospect, leading a sheltered way of living was inevitable but normal. His life was changed dramatically at the young age of 12. The plague of bad news surfaced when he and his parents got a diagnosis of Mr. Walker having a bone tumor, in which was expected by the doctors to end Walker’s life or live his life as a leg amputee. 

However, Mr. Walker’s distressful event of receiving his diagnosis was nothing short of the storms he faced in years to come; cancer, two failed marriages, multiple near death experiences, alcoholism, non illusionary premonitions, and more. 

As a reader of this written story, Adrian C. Walker II will guide you through the fire and into his journey as a survivor of many events that were deemed to be his breaking point of life itself. His hope is for you to master the art of humbly doing the same.

His Book Can Also be Purchased on Amazon Here

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Friday, June 7, 2019

Monthly Book Club Pick for Christian Parents

Hi everyone I have a book that I just purchased that I want to recommend. I am highly recommending this book for those that want their children to learn the bible. I love this book because it teaches children bible stories in the form of a comic book. The book is fully loaded with colorful drawings. Then after kids have read the stories, they can compare them to the stories in the bible.

(This is a photo of my book.)

 If you are a parent like me that is serious about your children learning the bible this is a great tool. I even read it myself to make sure that they are getting what they need. My twelve year old read it for the first time today and really learned a lot about the story of Deborah. The book makes it easier for kids to learn and easier for parents to teach them. So Christian authors and other Christians consider getting a copy. It's available on Amazon!
(399 Have been sold already with great reviews)
 Check this out for yourself.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Author Showcase Winner

Marcy Thomas on this day January the 29th, 2019 on behalf of Jeru Publications and World Wide Writer's Network we want to present this award to you. We appreciate you and all of the participants of our first annual Online Author's Showcase. In my eyes all of the authors are winners! You are the second runner up. The first runner up is Cassandra Phillips.

If anyone is interested in purchasing a copy of her book, Woman Who Soar on Amazon, her book can be purchased here. - Marcy is a contributing author in this book.

As a token of our appreciation, our foundation World Wide Writer's Foundation has purchased a digital copy of your book. We will also be leaving you a positive 5 star book review on Amazon. It is my passion to help authors write, promote, and earn money from what they write. We don't get off on asking people to sow into what we do but if you are an author or someone that would like to donate any amount to our cause, you can do so here. Donations help us help authors! We are a state registered 501c3 which means we can give you a tax receipt. Even a dollar ($1) contribution will help us! If you are someone that would like a receipt after you've donated that includes our tax information on it, please let us know. Receipts are given upon request! 

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