Monday, January 28, 2013

Totally Free Stuff Online


You can print the book if you like.

This is a resource you must have! I have researched and compiled this book from links I found online. I browse through the web everyday to find sites that I believe are reputable sites that are user friendly and do not offer scams!!!

There are so many things a person can receive free online that you wouldn't imagine. Free meals, groceries, money, legal and medical advice, clothes, shoes, toys, furniture, college courses, tutorials, books, jewelry, electronics, samples, wigs, wrapping paper, greeting cards, coupons, websites, directories, promotions, ink pens, printable legal forms, and so much more than this, I could go on and on.

This book is a must have!!!! I show you where!!!

Why You Will Be Glad You Purchased This Book

There are tons of freebies online. Companies that give out free samples, sites that allow you to barter, and sites where people will directly give you free items. 

There is also another side of the world wide web. The side where people have no problem with presenting something free to you with other motives-scams.
This is why I decided to compile this book. I have a website called The Smart Mom site.  ( I offer money saving tips and budgeting advice. I also notify members when I find freebies online.
My members are very fortunate in the since that I give them direct links and all they have to do is fill out short forms and free stuff is mailed directly to their mailbox. 

They have it easy because as I surf the web everyday to find freebies I run into these scams or sites that are not user friendly at all.
You can do the same thing I do just try typing in the word free and what ever you are interested in receiving free. For example: (free clothes) I have saved you a lot of time. Many of the freebies I have already received. 

This is why I feel you will be glad you chose to purchase this book. I save you the hassle of having to run into these money hungry vultures. The resources that are in this book are reputable and are sites that I am registered with myself.

I hope you enjoy the book and I know it will be well worth your money.
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Free Kindle Book

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Free Business Plan Information

Why I feel every business needs a business Plan

Whether you are a large or small business you need a plan. What is a business plan? A business plan is a written plan of the overall view of where you want your business to go. This plan includes every detail from start-to-finish on how you plan to achieve such goals. The cost of running the business, the employees you may have to hire, the marketing aspects of the business,  and the full production of your business.

Do you have to start a business without a plan of action? No-but you should.  You can always take a look at your plan to see if you are following through with your plan. You can see if you are moving forward in your vision or if you are at a stand still. The business plan also gives you an opportunity to see if you need to add to or change something within your plan.

Often times ideas run through our heads and we seem to forget all about them if we don't write down the vision. Remember to create for yourself realistic goals that are not too hard to accomplish.

Also if your business will ever seek funding such as a loan you will need a business plan. This alone with other supporting documents is what any lending institution will need to. I encourage you to do an online search so that you can see what a sample business plan for your area of expertise looks like. Then do another search for free business plan templates. If preparing your plan is too overwhelming for you. I am a curriculum creator and a business plan writer please send me a message at

Without a vision people parish!

I am adding a link to a site that can help you with your business plan. (the link is at the top of the blog)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Free Marketing Tips

So you have a business and you've produced products that you would like to market. Maybe you don't have a lot of money to pay some big marketing firm to get you noticed. What can you do to get the ball rolling? I've been an entrepreneur for over 20 years and here are some of the things i've been doing that have worked for me.

* vendor spaces- look for opportunities to do vendor spaces (i've done them at churches, schools, job fairs, and at so many different events that I can not list them all.) This is an excellent opportunity to sell books, or any other products that you may be introducing to the world. Your table could be informational. Make sure you know about how many people are expected so that you can have enough business cards and brochures available. Make sure your brochures have all your contact information in them so that people will know how they can purchase your products. ( I usually pay about $10-$25.00 per table) Make your space worth your money. If people are not stopping at your table. You stop them!! Convince them that your product is good and that they should consider purchasing your product. Don't be too pushy, and thank them for their time.

*Facebook-I use my personal facebook account to introduce my books and my cosmetic business to all of my friends. Every week, I make sure I add more friends and post links to my personal web page to attract new customers.

*Links, Links, Links-I can not stress the importance of links. I ad links to every social network that I am apart of. They link potential clients to my websites, blogs, Amazon, and Ebay account.

*Youtube videos-Please take the time to prepare a video or power point presentation to introduce yourself to people. People don't mind doing business with friendly faces. People that they can relate to. Make sure your content is good and your video or presentation is professional. If you make your video or presentation at home make sure your house is very clean as appearance means everything to people.

*Make sure your product is well priced. Make comparisons with other similar products that are on the market. Make sure it is well thought and put together.

*Make a business plan and follow through with it. I will later post information on the importance of business plans for your business.

**These are just a few things that I do. Follow my blog and I will show you everything i've done over the years.
*Learn How to Start a Writing Business and Market Your Books Online. It works for me!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Self Publishing

I will never forget the time when I decided I wanted to become a published author. I was excited but yet I did not know the first thing to do. I did my research, purchased books, and visited my public library. I learned a lot, made mistakes but here I am five years later with five published books. In spite of everything I read that said I should not publish my own books I did. I am very glad I made the decision and I would do it again. I have to admit marketing and distributing the books were the hardest thing but with hard work anything is possible!

Monday, January 21, 2013

(free skin care samle)

This is another great reason why you should purchase my book, Smart Mom's Coupon! I can show you how to get free samples mailed directly to your mailbox.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Extreme Couponing 101 for Beginners-save big! ( e-book available on ebay go to this link) Print copies are also available for purchase. Send an email request to

Monday, January 14, 2013

How would you like to cut your bills in half? Are you tired of trying to make ends meet? My book teaches you how to save money on groceries, clothes, household items, dining out, hotels, and you name it.

Believe it or not the show on television Extreme Couponers is not a scam!!! I am a mother of six and I can show you how I purchase items in my local grocery stores free or almost free.

I was always one that used coupons a little, but now I am a coupon diva. Sometimes even I am amazed. After reading this book which is an e-booklet you will learn how to make money couponing, get free stuff, and save your household tons of money. If the information I send you is not true I will refund you your money.

Getting Started-clipping coupons
Different Types of Coupons-the difference in coupons
Where to Find Coupons-free coupons
Organizing Coupon-using coupon binders/holders
Coupon Match-up-comparing coupons with store ads
Stock Piling-stocking your food pantry
Freebies in Your Mailbox-free samples in your mailbox
How To Make Money Couponing-receive overages
Getting The Family Involved-letting the family help
rein checks-receiving deals after the sale is over

PDF FILE Sent via email only!!  Go to link to purchase a copy. If you would like a printed copy send me an email request to  shipping, printing, and handling fees apply.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

The weather here is very strange last week it was cold and now it feels like winter.
Today in the writing world I learn about a book distributer Book Baby. (  They were referred to me.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Become a Power Seller Writing Ebooks

Copyrighted 2013 - Become a Power Seller Writing Ebooks has been revised. I rewrote the book to make it better and to add updated information.  The book isn't long but everything a person should know is here. Even if you have no experience writing, you can write a ebook. (27 pages) Plus links to three helpful blog post! If you are an affiliate marketer, you should really get a copy. The book will show you how to add clickable affiliate links that will send people to your landing pages.

I've been writing professionally since 2007.  I remember not knowing a thing about writing a book. Today I have weathered the storms. I would love to share with you how I earn a full-time living writing and formatting ebooks. I even provide ghost writing services for people that do not wish to write. The books can be 20 pages up to 100's. People want information and if you know something they don't you can earn a lot of money. 

   The subcategories - not listed


4.    Getting Started
5.    Professional Writing

6.        Writing Rough Drafts
  Writing Outlines                          

7.         The Importance of Using Proper Grammar

10.  Taking Professional Pictures

11.    How to Design Your Own Book Cover

12.    Pricing Your Ebooks

13.    Editing Your Ebook

Converting Your Ebook to a PDF File

14.    How to Market My Book

20.   How to Add Affiliate Links to my Ebook

10  Questions to Ask Ebook Publishing Services

26.  Summary

Visit My Publishing Co. Here. 

Visit My Amazon Author's Page Here.

Order Your Book Today! 

Your PDF file will be delivered via email within 24 hours. Do You Have Any Questions? Send a request here:

*Interested in a writing career? I can show you how!