Saturday, January 26, 2013

Free Business Plan Information

Why I feel every business needs a business Plan

Whether you are a large or small business you need a plan. What is a business plan? A business plan is a written plan of the overall view of where you want your business to go. This plan includes every detail from start-to-finish on how you plan to achieve such goals. The cost of running the business, the employees you may have to hire, the marketing aspects of the business,  and the full production of your business.

Do you have to start a business without a plan of action? No-but you should.  You can always take a look at your plan to see if you are following through with your plan. You can see if you are moving forward in your vision or if you are at a stand still. The business plan also gives you an opportunity to see if you need to add to or change something within your plan.

Often times ideas run through our heads and we seem to forget all about them if we don't write down the vision. Remember to create for yourself realistic goals that are not too hard to accomplish.

Also if your business will ever seek funding such as a loan you will need a business plan. This alone with other supporting documents is what any lending institution will need to. I encourage you to do an online search so that you can see what a sample business plan for your area of expertise looks like. Then do another search for free business plan templates. If preparing your plan is too overwhelming for you. I am a curriculum creator and a business plan writer please send me a message at

Without a vision people parish!

I am adding a link to a site that can help you with your business plan. (the link is at the top of the blog)

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