Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Free Marketing Tips

So you have a business and you've produced products that you would like to market. Maybe you don't have a lot of money to pay some big marketing firm to get you noticed. What can you do to get the ball rolling? I've been an entrepreneur for over 20 years and here are some of the things i've been doing that have worked for me.

* vendor spaces- look for opportunities to do vendor spaces (i've done them at churches, schools, job fairs, and at so many different events that I can not list them all.) This is an excellent opportunity to sell books, or any other products that you may be introducing to the world. Your table could be informational. Make sure you know about how many people are expected so that you can have enough business cards and brochures available. Make sure your brochures have all your contact information in them so that people will know how they can purchase your products. ( I usually pay about $10-$25.00 per table) Make your space worth your money. If people are not stopping at your table. You stop them!! Convince them that your product is good and that they should consider purchasing your product. Don't be too pushy, and thank them for their time.

*Facebook-I use my personal facebook account to introduce my books and my cosmetic business to all of my friends. Every week, I make sure I add more friends and post links to my personal web page to attract new customers.

*Links, Links, Links-I can not stress the importance of links. I ad links to every social network that I am apart of. They link potential clients to my websites, blogs, Amazon, and Ebay account.

*Youtube videos-Please take the time to prepare a video or power point presentation to introduce yourself to people. People don't mind doing business with friendly faces. People that they can relate to. Make sure your content is good and your video or presentation is professional. If you make your video or presentation at home make sure your house is very clean as appearance means everything to people.

*Make sure your product is well priced. Make comparisons with other similar products that are on the market. Make sure it is well thought and put together.

*Make a business plan and follow through with it. I will later post information on the importance of business plans for your business.

**These are just a few things that I do. Follow my blog and I will show you everything i've done over the years.
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