Monday, January 14, 2013

How would you like to cut your bills in half? Are you tired of trying to make ends meet? My book teaches you how to save money on groceries, clothes, household items, dining out, hotels, and you name it.

Believe it or not the show on television Extreme Couponers is not a scam!!! I am a mother of six and I can show you how I purchase items in my local grocery stores free or almost free.

I was always one that used coupons a little, but now I am a coupon diva. Sometimes even I am amazed. After reading this book which is an e-booklet you will learn how to make money couponing, get free stuff, and save your household tons of money. If the information I send you is not true I will refund you your money.

Getting Started-clipping coupons
Different Types of Coupons-the difference in coupons
Where to Find Coupons-free coupons
Organizing Coupon-using coupon binders/holders
Coupon Match-up-comparing coupons with store ads
Stock Piling-stocking your food pantry
Freebies in Your Mailbox-free samples in your mailbox
How To Make Money Couponing-receive overages
Getting The Family Involved-letting the family help
rein checks-receiving deals after the sale is over

PDF FILE Sent via email only!!  Go to link to purchase a copy. If you would like a printed copy send me an email request to  shipping, printing, and handling fees apply.

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