Sunday, January 6, 2013

Become a Power Seller Writing Ebooks

Copyrighted 2013 - Become a Power Seller Writing Ebooks has been revised. I rewrote the book to make it better and to add updated information.  The book isn't long but everything a person should know is here. Even if you have no experience writing, you can write a ebook. (27 pages) Plus links to three helpful blog post! If you are an affiliate marketer, you should really get a copy. The book will show you how to add clickable affiliate links that will send people to your landing pages.

I've been writing professionally since 2007.  I remember not knowing a thing about writing a book. Today I have weathered the storms. I would love to share with you how I earn a full-time living writing and formatting ebooks. I even provide ghost writing services for people that do not wish to write. The books can be 20 pages up to 100's. People want information and if you know something they don't you can earn a lot of money. 

   The subcategories - not listed


4.    Getting Started
5.    Professional Writing

6.        Writing Rough Drafts
  Writing Outlines                          

7.         The Importance of Using Proper Grammar

10.  Taking Professional Pictures

11.    How to Design Your Own Book Cover

12.    Pricing Your Ebooks

13.    Editing Your Ebook

Converting Your Ebook to a PDF File

14.    How to Market My Book

20.   How to Add Affiliate Links to my Ebook

10  Questions to Ask Ebook Publishing Services

26.  Summary

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