Monday, January 28, 2013

Totally Free Stuff Online


You can print the book if you like.

This is a resource you must have! I have researched and compiled this book from links I found online. I browse through the web everyday to find sites that I believe are reputable sites that are user friendly and do not offer scams!!!

There are so many things a person can receive free online that you wouldn't imagine. Free meals, groceries, money, legal and medical advice, clothes, shoes, toys, furniture, college courses, tutorials, books, jewelry, electronics, samples, wigs, wrapping paper, greeting cards, coupons, websites, directories, promotions, ink pens, printable legal forms, and so much more than this, I could go on and on.

This book is a must have!!!! I show you where!!!

Why You Will Be Glad You Purchased This Book

There are tons of freebies online. Companies that give out free samples, sites that allow you to barter, and sites where people will directly give you free items. 

There is also another side of the world wide web. The side where people have no problem with presenting something free to you with other motives-scams.
This is why I decided to compile this book. I have a website called The Smart Mom site.  ( I offer money saving tips and budgeting advice. I also notify members when I find freebies online.
My members are very fortunate in the since that I give them direct links and all they have to do is fill out short forms and free stuff is mailed directly to their mailbox. 

They have it easy because as I surf the web everyday to find freebies I run into these scams or sites that are not user friendly at all.
You can do the same thing I do just try typing in the word free and what ever you are interested in receiving free. For example: (free clothes) I have saved you a lot of time. Many of the freebies I have already received. 

This is why I feel you will be glad you chose to purchase this book. I save you the hassle of having to run into these money hungry vultures. The resources that are in this book are reputable and are sites that I am registered with myself.

I hope you enjoy the book and I know it will be well worth your money.
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