Tuesday, February 5, 2013

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It was the year 2007 that I first decided I wanted to write a book. I don't know if I really believed I could achieve this at that time but I surely began writing the book. Owning and operating a family day care in my home for many years and creating my very own worksheets for children was the driving force that drew me to creating the work book The Alpha Curriculum.

Parents were astonished at the way their children were learning. I taught children, Spanish, numbers, reading, writing, bible verses, the alphabet, shapes, colors, how to write their name and just anything I thought would help them when they entered kindergarten.

I'll be honest this was a project I sort of put off and put off. Years later I decided to pick this back up. Please understand that writing a book takes time and it is not easy. I saw friends of mine that published their book and decided it was time to finish what I had started. After doing my research and learning from other authors that self publishing was what they thought a bad idea. I took a chance and self published my book. I am very glad I made that choice.

After I published my second book which is a children's story book (Strawberry Shortcakes and Lemonade) I decided that I would establish my very own Publishing Company because by this time people that I know would ask me how I did it. I freely give advice but being the entrepreneur that I am I thought I could professionally help them create, distribute, and market their book.

Today I can proudly say that sales are at their highest. I make attempts everyday to market my book and efforts are endless.

What I want authors or someone that is venturing out into the book publishing world to know is that to write a book is one thing but to sale it is another. To say you wrote a book is fine but it takes work to sell it.

My tips on creating and marketing a prize winning book:

*capture an audience with the cover

*make sure your book is properly priced

*make sure your content is properly edited

*make sure you take the time to prepare something good

*write about things people really want and need to hear about

*make sure you join social medias to help get the word out about your book

*make sure you get an English book or research online proper grammar rules

*prepare the people you know about your book-let them know that it is coming soon!

*there is so much more but this blog has ended!  :) :) :)

*so until next time-please follow my blogs for more tips on marketing and book publishing

If you are interested in one of these books available as ebooks or print copies please send me an email request.  sheffieldvictoria39@gmail.com

The Alpha Curriculum-25.00 print copy  ebook 2.99
Become a Power Seller Writing Ebooks-12.50 print copy  ebook 2.00

If you have publishing needs please send a request.

We handle all your needs:

web design
graphic design
business cards
marketing and distribution
planning your book parties/signings
LCCN and ISBN numbers
barcode labeling
cover design

We handle everything from start-to-finish walking you through one step at a time and offering full support!

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