Monday, May 6, 2013

How to Create an Ebook and Sell it on Amazon as a Kindle

If you are a person that writes well you can get paid from selling ebooks that you write from your area of expertise or from your hobbies like cooking or how-to books. This is an excellent work-from-home opportunity. You can create recipe ebooks, or if you are a carpenter you can create a book on how to refinish furniture. Ebooks do not have to be long. Some are as short as twenty pages or they can be as long as hundreds of pages. If your book is very short then you won't be able to get more than a few bucks for the book. Once you have created the book make sure it is properly edited and formatted.

Your cover and title are what people will see first when they look at your book so make sure it pops!!  Adding your own images to the book will make the book more exciting for readers. If you write a how to book, you could add pictures that show steps to making something or just add images to make the book more attractive. Make sure they are your own images or copyright free images.

How do I price my book?

You can price your book according to how much quality content is there. If you write an ebook with twenty pages then you could sell the book for a few dollars-up to 5.00. If your book has 40 pages you could sell it for about 10.00, but the main thing is to take a look at other ebooks on the market and see what other people are charging for them.

Is there enough information in a short ebook?

Honestly there are people that want to learn without having the hassle of reading a lot of material. If you can teach a person on a topic without writing a lot of pages then there are people that will appreciate your ebook. On the other hand there of some that want more information. The good thing is you can always add to your short ebook and make it as long as you want.

How do I advertise my book?

You can sell your book as a kindle on Amazon or sell it from your blog, social media networks, website, or to friends and family members. Simply send a link to the people you know, to their email address and briefly ask them to take a look at an ebook you wrote. Remember marketing is an ongoing thing.

How do I get paid for my ebook?

You can create a free account at and start receiving payments by debit and credit card. Paypal does charge a very small transaction fee. If you publish as a kindle, Amazon will handle all your transactions.

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