Thursday, June 20, 2013

Amazing! A Real Live Barbie Doll

You know I had no idea that there are real live Barbie Dolls. I did not know that people actually go to the extreme of having plastic surgery to look like a doll. In the back of my mind I am wondering why anyone would want to do such a thing. Are they getting paid or are they just obsessed with looking like this doll?

A few days ago I ran across a site where you can actually view these real live Barbies. You must take a look at before and after photos. Some of them really don't look like Barbie to me at all but the first photo looks exactly like a doll. She almost doesn't look real. I am wondering if their skin is air brushed. Once you click on this link, don't forget to click on the next button to see all of the photos. 
To see the Barbie look-a-likes go here. 

 Amazing! She is even stiff like a doll!

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