Saturday, June 15, 2013

Smart Phone Screen Protectors/Covers

Product Review

Do you own a Smart Phone? Have you paid a lot of money for your phone and have concerns that you will damage your phone? Don't you just hate to purchase a nice phone then months later there is visible wear and tear on the phone. If you are like me, you want your phone protected.

Amazon offers really great screen protectors in many different styles for you  believe it or not for less than 1.00. They offer covers for 1.50 to 3.00. There are casual covers or really classy covers in pink and other colors, polka dots, and even zebra stripes. There are many to choose from. Since I purchased my cover, I feel more confident about where I leave my phone. My phone carries a classy diva look, and I can talk on my phone in style. 

I like the covers that they offer because if I drop my phone, I stand a better chance at not breaking or damaging the phone. The covers and screen protectors are pretty sturdy even though the materials that they are made of are not that expensive. I am sure that my cover will last up to at least a year but if yours doesn't you can always purchase another or purchase more than one at a time. I have more than one cover in two different colors to accent my wardrobes. I like to keep things classy, cute, and fun!

To see a selection of phone covers and the protectors they offer, click on the Amazon image here:

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  1. I've tried many screen protectors but this the best in therms of responsiveness and protection. Sturdy quality and crystal clear.
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