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How To Write A Book/Jeru Publications

You know people ask me all the time how do they get started  with writing a book. 

If you are not a person that writes well, then do your best. There are people like me that can edit what you write. You could think about how you may want your cover to look. Do you want to be on the cover? One thing you can do is brush up on your English or grammar skills. Start by thinking about what you may want the chapters of your book to be. This is your outline. Then once you've gotten your chapters in place, then start writing information about the different chapters. Get a binder and put notebook paper in that binder.You can choose a title before or after chapters are written but try not to be all over the place in the since that you've chosen a title for your book but the chapters seem as if they do not work with that title.

Don't worry it is not that hard at all but it does take time to produce something of quality. You don't have to feel overwhelmed. You can write a little at a time. Sometimes I write 30 minutes to an hour a day. You don't even need to write everyday but try to be consistent. Now that you have this in place, you should decide just how you want your book marketed. Some people do not seem to know that you DO NOT need an ISBN number with barcode labeling unless your book will be sold in book stores or on sites like Amazon. You do not need a ISBN number if you will be selling your book as a Kindle or digital book on Amazon because they have their own personal numbers that they assign to your book. You can sell your book yourself from a personal website without this number or barcode labeling. What you will have to pay, is the cost of printing and marketing. Do you want to sell electronic books or printed books, or both??

Once you have finished your book these are your options:

Copyright -  I strongly advise you to protect your book. Do people steal content? Yes all the time!!

LCCN - This is a number assigned to you if you want your book in public librairies.

ISBN - This is a number that will be assigned to your book if you want to sell in stores or on Amazon.

Barcode Labeling - without this your book will not be able to be scanned in stores. (Your ISBN number and the price of your book will be on this label.)

So for anyone that wishes to become an author remember if you want to start writing a book just start. :) Your book will have to be properly edited and type-set. For those services and all of the services listed above, visit my site.

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