Thursday, December 19, 2013

Promote Your Book With Post Cards

Your book is your business! Now that you have created this masterpiece, how are you gonna get the word out about your book? Unless publishing companies are paid a lot of money to distribute and promote your book, then the book promotion is on you. Writing a book is a challenge but if there will be any book sales, people need to know that your book exist! Today I want to share how I promote my kindle or ebooks. It's easy and it works. Promoting my books with postcards is a unique way that I get the word out about my books. The book cover is the front of the card. I usually hand the cards out to people, mail them, or I use them at a book signing. Even if your book is a kindle, you could have one copy printed to have on display at a book signing. The cards can be used to let people know how and where your book can be purchased. You could also include a business card if you like. Please don't forget to include contact and purchasing information. 

If you are interested in postcards for your book promotion visit this site. 

All you would need to do after visiting the link above is upload your cover image on Zazzle then add your address with their text tool on the back side of the card. I also suggest adding the site address where books can be purchased. You could even include a business card and write a simple message on the card when mailing like "take a sneak peek at my new book" or something to that nature. The cards are cute and they give people an idea of what your book looks like.

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Author/Publisher Victoria Sheffield

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