Tuesday, February 18, 2014

So George Zimmerman Says He's Having a Hard Time Since He Killed Travon Martin!!!

Who Cares!!!!!!!!!
   Author Victoria Sheffield
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So George Zimmerman the 30 year old former watchman says he's having a hard time since he shot and killed Travon Marton. God forgive me but in life we reap what we sow. He actually seems to feel that he did the right thing. My question to him is if you did the right thing, then why are you suffering so much? This was clearly not a case of self defense.

He claims that he is now homeless and fears for his life. He took a life and now fears for his. I would not kill him, I would let him live so that he can continue to be reminded that he took a families child away from them for no reason. He states that he has post traumatic stress. I wonder what he feels that this child's family is suffering with - disappointment, pain, heartache, trauma, sadness, anger, etc...but you did the right thing.

He owes millions in law fees and who will want to live with him knowing that his life is in danger. Certainly not me!! I can not even see family wanting to live with him. He says that he struggles everyday to live a normal life. I wonder if Travon Martins family has a normal life living in such injustice?? I find it totally amazing that he says he wants to go back to school and become a lawyer to help combat injustice. WTF= WHAT THE FREAK!!!!

Some say he got away with cold hearted murder. He may not be living behind bars but he is living in hell!! He still today claims that this was an act of self defense!

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  1. That's good he living a life of hell...only thing is its the guilt that's kill him...he know DEEP inside he was wrong and he struggling with that guilt heavily!!!! Good for him..