Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The King Siblings in Litigation Again!

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Author Victoria Sheffield

I really hate to see this but I guess some things just have to be settled in court. This seems like such a dishonor to such a great peaceful man. Bernice Kings speaks out about her two brothers Dexter and Martin the third attempting to sell their fathers traveling bible and his Nobel Peace Prize.  She is very disappointed with her brothers and states that her parents would be turning over in their grave if they knew this. She feels that they agreed to turn over their fathers possessions to the estate but not to sell them.

The brothers are the ones that have actually filed the suit. She says that "this won't happen on her watch" She says that they want to sell the items to a private owner. It appears that this is not the first time that they have actually been in litigation. The first time they had this type of problem, Bernice and her brother Martin sued Dexter in 2008 because they accused him of taking money from the estates account. The matter settled out of court. In 1995, the king siblings agreed to release all of King's possessions to the estate. Bernice has been accused of holding on to her fathers bible and Nobel Peace Prize. She says that those two items are in a place for safe keeping.

My views are that money is not everything. The children have the right to sell his possessions if they all agree but morally and ethically, some things just don't seem right. I am with Bernice and I am sure some will disagree. She must fight for what she feels is right even though she still loves her brothers.

I would love to see the day when they can settle their matters out of the courtroom and press. I am sure Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would love this also.

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