Friday, April 18, 2014

Fathers Have Got to Step up to the Plate!

Author Victoria Sheffield

First of all I must say that I absolutely love the work that Iyanla does. As seen in the video below she uses creative ways to help people heal. This video not only touched my heart but made me cry. This article is not to bash fathers because I realize that there are dead beat mothers out there also. Dads your children need you. You are important to your daughters and your sons. There may be several reasons why a father is absent in the life of a child. If the reasons are just because the children were conceived and unwanted, this is not an excuse to bail out. These children miss out on a lot. Imagine never having a father to watch a child play at their sporting events or just to simply instill values in them. How does a child feel when other children's fathers are there but theirs never seems to show up? This is heart breaking!!! There is no real excuse for it either. Children need love and guidance in every way. They should never feel as if they are raising themselves. These children often lack self esteem and are forced to grow up early. Sometimes the decisions that they make are the wrong  ones simply because at such a young age there is no guidance there.

Mothers can not be fathers. It is our job as parents to be the best examples that we can for our children. If we skip out on this responsibility then there is a chance that the same thing will happen to our grandchildren. It is horrible that children often are put into mentoring programs simply because the fathers are not there. It is even worse when they end up in the prison systems because they are children hurting looking in the wrong direction. Years gone by can not be replaced. If you are a father that has skipped out on your responsibility, please find your children and ask for forgiveness. Let your children know why you have not been there and begin to establish a real relationship with them. If you do not know how, God will guide you. This does not mean unfulfilled promises either. We are living in a world where unfortunately women are in situations where they enter into another relationship with children already from a previous relationship. Do you want the possibility of your child raped or molested my her new significant lover? The truth is that this happens all the time.

Now if you are not a person that will love, cherish, and protect your children then stay where you are! Let me make myself clear. If you are the type that will possibly abuse or molest your own children then you are still no good to the child. Protect your children by staying away and get some real help for yourself. Only until you are free of these demons should you establish a relationship with any child. Please take at this video. Fathers have got to step up to the plate.

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