Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Parasitic Twins - This is something you don't want to miss! They are similar to conjoined twins

       Author Victoria Sheffield

I have to be honest when I first saw this I thought that this was a hoax. Then I did a little research. I've seen conjoined twins with two heads but this is something totally new to me. Parasitic twins are formed when a twin's embryo forms in the uterus but does not fully develop. A parasitic twin is also known as asymmetrical. So one twin is fully developed but the other is only partially developed.

Many of these twins have been seen at carnivals as freak shows and are very rare. In fact only one child in a million is born this way. Surgery done to have the twins separated can be very dangerous even causing death. The little boy in the video below was able to successfully have his twin removed. As he grew older the twins limbs grew larger being very uncomfortable for the him.

Living like this can be very difficult. Often these people are stared at, called names, and there are some that are even scared  of people with a parasitic twin. As pictured below, these twins can be attached to the fully developed twin in different areas of the body. They can even be on the inside of a person.

One thing I learned from writing this article is that we that are born in what appears normal have every right to be thankful. If we have children that are born with five fingers and toes we should continue to be thankful.


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They are similar to conjoined twins!!

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