Monday, April 28, 2014

When a Facebook Argument Turns Deadly!

        Author Victoria Sheffield

This is a story that is really mind boggling to me. Apparently there are two young ladies that had a disagreement on facebook. One of the girls was pregnant. Because of this dispute, on April 23, in Jacksonville Florida, Virginia Wyche shot her pregnant friend in the stomach killing the unborn child and wounding the friend. This happened after the friend went to confront Virginia Wyche about the dispute. There was an eyewitness there named Christopher Cash that stated that the girls were fighting over something that was said on facebook. This just shows how people should not use social media sights to air out their personal laundry.

The shooting is still under investigation. Authorities are trying to determine if the shooting was self defense or not. If the shooting was not self defense Wyche could face up to 16 years for second degree murder and 5 to 15 years for attempted murder. The shooters mother states that this is not like her daughter. When she learned about the shooting she was just as surprised as anybody else.

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