Saturday, May 31, 2014

Preschool Curriculum

Every child deserves a head start in life. What better way to prepare a child by teaching him or her everything that is needed to know before entering kindergarten.

After having more than ten years of experience in child daycare and being a stay-at-home mom of six children, I compiled this workbook from worksheets that I created for children that were in my care.

Inspired by the Abeka Curriculum this Christian based workbook contains colorful illustrations, bible verses, and inspiration to keep parents and children encouraged.

The Alpha curriculum prepares children ages three and up by offering math, number recognition, counting, reading & sight words, colors, tracing and writing skills, letter recognition, cutting skills, color sheets, art, Spanish, and even more.

Prepare Your Child Today!

The Alpha Curriculum can be purchased on Amazon here:

The second edition can only be purchased through paypal. It is not advised to purchase the second edition unless the first edition has been completed. The second edition is more advanced. 

Electronic copies are available for 5.00 payable through paypal.

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Here is a sneak preview. (two pages of the workbook)

The book can be purchased through paypal here. (print copy 25.00)
Electronic copies are 5.00 sent via paypal. If you are a person that would like the first or second edition please email me for a copy.
Print copies of the second edition are 25.00 also
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Author/Publisher/Marketer Victoria Sheffield

Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Thirty One Year Old Poses as a Fifteen Year Old & Enrolls in School

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Author Victoria Sheffield
Now this is one of the most amazing things I have heard anyone try to pull off in a long time. How could she do this and why? Right now no one is really sure what the answer to those questions are but it sure is mind boggling. Charity Ann Johnson was enrolled in a Christian school in East Texas and is now being held on a $500 dollar bond. She managed to convince Tamika Lincoln that she was homeless and had been abused by her father. She told Lincoln that both her parents had passed away. Tamika Lincoln took her into her home and acted as her guardian. School officials found out that the ID she used was indeed not real. They were even able to find clues she left behind on facebook to prove that she is not who she said she was. When her teachers and class found out this news they were in tears. I can't judge her but I sure wonder what were her motives. When people take strangers into their home they should be very mindful.

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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Fundraiser Coupon or Ad Booklets for Your Organization


Does your little league sports team, cheerleader squad, choir, church, or any type of group need a fundraiser? Maybe you are an individual and need one specifically for a cause. You have stopped by the right place.

What Jeru Publications Can Do for You!

We can help your organization by personalizing your event or organization a coupon or ad booklet. We can do this by publishing your very own cover for your fundraiser. Coupon booklets will have coupons in it from organizations or business owners in your neighborhood. Ad booklets will have ads in it from people that you know or don't know in your neighborhood. They may or may not be business owners.

How Does This Help You or Your Organization?

This helps because your event or organization will receive a percentage of the sale of coupon booklets or ads placed in program booklets. It's a win-win situation!  I won't give the full details. Contact me for more information. Take a look below at a project we just got finished working on. It's on the way to the printer as I am speaking.

It does not matter what area your organization is in. We serve clients across the USA. You are one step away from allowing us to handle your fundraiser needs. We can also handle your book publishing needs. Find out more here.

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