Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Thirty One Year Old Poses as a Fifteen Year Old & Enrolls in School

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Author Victoria Sheffield
Now this is one of the most amazing things I have heard anyone try to pull off in a long time. How could she do this and why? Right now no one is really sure what the answer to those questions are but it sure is mind boggling. Charity Ann Johnson was enrolled in a Christian school in East Texas and is now being held on a $500 dollar bond. She managed to convince Tamika Lincoln that she was homeless and had been abused by her father. She told Lincoln that both her parents had passed away. Tamika Lincoln took her into her home and acted as her guardian. School officials found out that the ID she used was indeed not real. They were even able to find clues she left behind on facebook to prove that she is not who she said she was. When her teachers and class found out this news they were in tears. I can't judge her but I sure wonder what were her motives. When people take strangers into their home they should be very mindful.

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