Thursday, May 1, 2014

Fundraiser Coupon or Ad Booklets for Your Organization


Does your little league sports team, cheerleader squad, choir, church, or any type of group need a fundraiser? Maybe you are an individual and need one specifically for a cause. You have stopped by the right place.

What Jeru Publications Can Do for You!

We can help your organization by personalizing your event or organization a coupon or ad booklet. We can do this by publishing your very own cover for your fundraiser. Coupon booklets will have coupons in it from organizations or business owners in your neighborhood. Ad booklets will have ads in it from people that you know or don't know in your neighborhood. They may or may not be business owners.

How Does This Help You or Your Organization?

This helps because your event or organization will receive a percentage of the sale of coupon booklets or ads placed in program booklets. It's a win-win situation!  I won't give the full details. Contact me for more information. Take a look below at a project we just got finished working on. It's on the way to the printer as I am speaking.

It does not matter what area your organization is in. We serve clients across the USA. You are one step away from allowing us to handle your fundraiser needs. We can also handle your book publishing needs. Find out more here.

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This is a larger older photo not related to the project above.

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