Thursday, June 26, 2014

Jahi McMath is Showing Signs of Improvement

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Author Victoria Sheffield

The families Lawyer says that Jahi McMath is showing significant signs of improvement. After more than six months the thirteen year old is responding to her mother and is able to move her body parts. She is reported able to move in the direction of her mother's voice. On December the 9th after a tonsillectomy surgery young Jahi bled profusely and suffered from a heart attack. The Children's Hospital of Oakland declared her brain dead and had it court ordered that the child be taken off of life support.

Against doctors order's, the family fought in court to keep her on a ventilator and had her moved to a non disclosed location. Since then no one has heard a thing about her condition.  Jahi receives 24 hour care and because she shows signs of improvement may soon be removed out of ICU. The lawyer does not have much more to say but he mentions that she is doing much better than experts expected. Because she was medically declared brain dead, Dolan the families lawyer says that the family would love a retest. It just goes to show that Doctors don't have the final say. :)

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