Saturday, July 26, 2014

Police Brutality or Not??


  author/journalist Victoria Sheffield

Huuuuum! This makes me feel very sad and ill. Earlier this month, a Staten Island man by the name of Eric Garner went into cardiac arrest after being put into a choke hold. Allegedly Garner was accused for selling cigarettes. No one saw the cigarettes or Garner doing anything wrong. He did not resist arrest and clearly stated in the video that was taken by a woman that he could not breathe. In my opinion the emergency response was too slow. The only thing eye witness stated was that Garner actually broke up a fight. The people fighting left the scene but Garner stayed only to be treated this way.

I will be honest, I strongly feel that in cold blood the police strangled this man for no reason other than racial profiling. My hard question for some is if he were white would this have been done? So what if he was selling cigarettes why take a mans life??  I am outraged! Why did he need that type of force? Why did he need that many people on top of him?? Some state that the video is not clear enough. Yes if a person is blind! Sorry but I can not sugar coat this one. We have a real problem!!

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A Warning About Lace Front Wigs From the Actress Countess Vaughn

author/journalist/Victoria Sheffield

I must admit that when I think about wigs that were worn years ago, we have really evolved. In my opinion, wigs that were worn years ago did not look so natural. I am not much of a wig person but I do enjoy wearing hair weave. There are many different types of wigs to wear. Today I want to touch on lace front wigs. Many celebrities including the famous Tyra Banks wears them but they must be worn with caution.

I've been a licensed cosmetologist for the last 25 years but I must say that I absolutely do not like any type of glue at all. I highly recommend that if people will use glue on lace front wigs or hair weave to do it with extreme caution and ONLY in the case of a hair emergency. It's just not worth the risk.

So let's get back to the warning by Countess Vaughn. Again many celebs with having to change their look often wear lace fronts but the question is are they abusing the use of these wigs and wearing them too much. I say of course they are. Whether a person is a celeb or not I strongly recommend people giving their hair a break from weaves and wigs. Countess in my opinion should have terminated the use of the glue worn with lace fronts at the first sign of anything being wrong. Everything is not for everybody. I strongly encourage viewers to watch the video in it's entirety. The maker of this video uses profanity but there is a lot of truth in what she is saying.

It is not meant for every woman to go natural or always wear her own hair but I must be honest, the chemicals that we are using on our hair are not safe. I have to be honest about it. I encourage people to also read this article I wrote some time ago.

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