Thursday, January 15, 2015

Author Yasmine Harrison - Someone I Admire!

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Author/Actor/Playwright - Yasmine Harrison


Editor: Victoria Sheffield

Today's Feature is Author Yasmine Harrison. When I think about Ms. Harrison I think about a person that I can truly say I admire. Not only has she successfully authored books but she has proven that if we believe in our dreams and have goals that we can achieve in life. She's so amazing that she has turned one of her novel's "Turning Point" into a stage play". Since then she's produced another great play "Until Now" with a novel "Unpredictable" coming in the spring.

Not only does she enjoy writing but she believes in giving back to her community. She has given back by organizing several opportunities to help those that are less fortunate in her community. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or participating in fundraisers visit her site. 

Meet the Cast of Turning Point!

Yasmine's Bio

Yasmine Harrison is a Florida native, but happily raised as a Georgia Peach, She hit the literary scene in 2009, releasing her debut novel "Turning Point"' Taking the literary scene by storm she established a strong fan base and a request for more of her work. She did not disappoint her readers, without a doubt she returned in 2010, with a sequel "Turning Point the Sequel" 

Yasmine considers herself  a true Southern Girl. She is a graduate of Valdosta State University, in Valdosta, Georgia. She has been nominated for several Literary Awards and holds to her title, three published works with more to come. Yasmine is very active in her community and enjoys reading, nature, relaxing at the beach, and writing. You may visit her site at: Visit her author's page on Amazon here.

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  2. Congratulations to you Yasmine! I enjoyed reading your BIO. Many blessings to you!