Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Ideas for Marketing Children's Books

After publishing my first book in 2007 I quickly learned that unless I was some well known person or had the money to pay markers or distributors, I was on my own in terms of selling my book. Authors ask me all the time how I market and promote books? My greatest piece of advice would be to get in the faces of people that have children or care for them. 

Each author should create a unique marketing campaign. This would be a long or short term plan of marketing strategies. The plan should be executed by using a consistent schedule. Marketing plans may be over a three month period or six month to a year. Keep in mind that marketing should NEVER stop. Campaigns may not last forever but new campaigns should be in the making.

Ideas for Marketing Children' Books

If you wrote a story book, try calling daycare centers in your area. Ask the school director if you could read your book to the class for story time. Maybe you could also leave baggies for the children to take home to their parents. Create a color sheet for one of the characters in your book. Purchase cheap crayons and break each box down to three or four crayons and include them in your package. Add book marks and a flyer. This will let parents know how they can purchase your book. You could even add an about me page so that parents can get a feel of who you are. How about donating a book to the class. You may have guessed - sometimes it will cost you money to market your publication but the more people you reach chances are you will sell more books. 

Lastly think about selling your book as a fundraiser to schools and youth organizations. Just make sure you and the organization get a profit. There are tons of ways and places to market your book other than day care centers. Do a little brain storming and write down your ideas in a journal. Remember any money used to market your book can be written off on your taxes. I wrote an article in the past titled " Your Book is Your Business" This is so true!!! Think of unique creative ways that you can market and sell your book. Be realistic and try not to get involved in ideas that waste money and time.

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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Book Promotion/Let Us Help You Promote Your Book!

Writer's Tip of the Day!
Never Stop Promoting!

Becoming a part of my book club or allowing us to promote your  book really pays! Jeru Publications not only offers book publishing but provides services that will help you get your book noticed! Writing a book is one thing but selling it is another ball game. Since the launch of Jeru Publications, we've written tons of reviews for personal websites and on Amazon. It is our vision not only to market our publications and services but to help authors gain the exposure that they need.  There are those times when we even purchase a copy of books that we promote. Today I want to share with you what I thought about a 17 pages kindle copy of a prayer book written by Aleigha Butler. I will be honest, i've seen a lot of books. My inbox is loaded with free copies of books. Some that feel they can write really can't. Sorry for the honesty! I say this because Aleigha Butler provides something in my opinion that is quality and very useful to those that understand the importance of prayer..

Now this is a very short review. I write short and long reviews, it just depends on the promotional package that authors purchase. At the end of the day its the kind words of a person that shares what they thought about a book and the star review that they leave, not how many words that are written. 

Her Review:

Here are copies of other reviews i've done on Amazon

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Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Story That Made Me Cry - A Detroit Man Walks a Total of 21 Miles to Work Each Day

Author/Journalist/Victoria Sheffield

A Detroit man walks a total of 21 miles to and from work everyday. The dedicated worker says he enjoys his job and after his car broke down ten years ago he just did not have the money to purchase a new car. He states that his co-workers are just like his family. The 56 year old has been known to walk in hot or cold conditions, even snow. James Robertson's life changed tremendously when Blake Pollack noticed him walking everyday and decided to give him a ride. A college student by the name of  Evan Leedy was taken by this story and created a GoFundMe page for him. His intentions were to raise 5,000 to purchase him a used car. Unbelievably Leedy raised 300,000. As far as he knew he was taken to a car dealership to look at cars. When he got there, the salesman gave him the keys to his new car. He states that he did not like the car but he LOVES the car. The money will be used to do repairs on his house and for his retirement. This story shows that hard work and dedication pays off. It also shows that people really do care!

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Meet Aleigha Butler

My Latest Book Club Feature!

Aleigha Butler
Author/Motivator/Radio Host

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Aleigha Butler was born in Gaffney, SC. She's lived in Georgia for over half of her life. She is the author of bilingual children's book, "A Learning Book Just For Me," "On Fire to Inspire." and "Prayers, Affirmations, and Declarations." She is a  mother, author, internet radio host, budget consultant, philanthropist, and licensed insurance agent. Although Aleigha wears many hats, her passion is to inspire, uplift, empower, and push people into their purpose. "It's time to stop existing and start living! Live in purpose and live on purpose pursuing your passion."

Visit Aleigha's Amazon Author's Page Here

'A Learning Book Just For Me'
Teaches Foundational Learning Skills for Early Learning in English and Spanish

On Fire to Inspire is a powerful book that will encourage, enlighten, and empower you. I pray that this book not only inspires you, but it creates a passion to pursue your pursue. All of the pieces were inspired by God. Many times he'd give these powerful nuggets in the midnight hour. He sent this tool to light up a world filled with darkness. On Fire To Inspire will bring light to your spirit and your soul. You are destined for greatness! Walk into your victory!

Prayers, Affirmations, and Declarations is a book of prayers. These prayers are to encourage and strengthen people and their spirit. There are prayers for women, children, men, purpose, and many more. You will be encouraged, enlightened, and uplifted after reading this book of prayers.

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Monday, February 2, 2015

I am Praying for Her and Her Family - Bobby Kristina

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Author/Journalist - Victoria Sheffield

As we know, the late Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown's daughter Bobby Christina was found unresponsive in her bath on January the 31, 2015. She was found and given CPR by her husband until EMS arrived. After being rushed to the hospital, she has been in an induced coma every since. Doctors are preparing the family for the worse. They are saying that each day that she is in a coma lessens her chances for survival. She has diminished brain function.

Not many details are given as to why she was unconscious. A search of the home by Roswell police determined that their were no drugs in the home. This report comes after three years of her mother being found unresponsive in the bathtub. The family is asking that they be given privacy in this trying time of their lives. Speculations state that the husband has been band from the hospital by family members but this has yet to stated by the family. Hee father Bobby Brown remains by her side. Please keep her and her family in your prayers!

It Really Pays to Become a Part of My Book Club

Today I want to personally thank the people that allowed me to feature their book on My Book Club. I asked about six people if they wanted me to feature their book. Some responded back to me, some simply said they would but did not follow through. Some simply did not respond at all.  That is perfectly fine with me! I want to share a testimony with you!! Some years ago, it was told to me through a prophet that I would have my own book club. In all honesty I forgot all about that. It was until a few weeks ago that I remembered what this prophet said only after I launched this book club. Today I have people requesting that their books be featured on the book club. The book club is a success! I am even starting a book club at the public library in my area. To show those that did follow through just how much I appreciate them, I actually purchased a copy of their book and wrote positive book reviews on Amazon. Now I won't purchase every book featured, but many of them I will. I usually write long book reviews but my work load is so busy that I did not have time. 

For those that do not know, the importance of positive books reviews is a must. If a person is selling on Amazon, the book reviews determine just how much exposure Amazon will actually allow the book to be visible within their search engine. Some do not know that. In others words and for example. If a person is looking for a cookbook if you have reviews, your book is more likely to become visible in a search than an author without reviews. If you do not believe this, do your research. 

Also, positive reviews means more people may purchase your book. Again it really pays to become a Part of My Book Club. I am Exposing authors!!!

Here are the reviews that I wrote. The books that I purchased are some really good books. The poetry book I absolutely love. The book by Barbara Joe, a best selling author on Amazon is pretty darn awesome! 

Barabara Joe's Review

Author Yasmine Harrison's Review

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Yasmine's Feature:

Barbara's Feature:

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