Sunday, February 8, 2015

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Becoming a part of my book club or allowing us to promote your  book really pays! Jeru Publications not only offers book publishing but provides services that will help you get your book noticed! Writing a book is one thing but selling it is another ball game. Since the launch of Jeru Publications, we've written tons of reviews for personal websites and on Amazon. It is our vision not only to market our publications and services but to help authors gain the exposure that they need.  There are those times when we even purchase a copy of books that we promote. Today I want to share with you what I thought about a 17 pages kindle copy of a prayer book written by Aleigha Butler. I will be honest, i've seen a lot of books. My inbox is loaded with free copies of books. Some that feel they can write really can't. Sorry for the honesty! I say this because Aleigha Butler provides something in my opinion that is quality and very useful to those that understand the importance of prayer..

Now this is a very short review. I write short and long reviews, it just depends on the promotional package that authors purchase. At the end of the day its the kind words of a person that shares what they thought about a book and the star review that they leave, not how many words that are written. 

Her Review:

Here are copies of other reviews i've done on Amazon

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