Monday, February 2, 2015

It Really Pays to Become a Part of My Book Club

Today I want to personally thank the people that allowed me to feature their book on My Book Club. I asked about six people if they wanted me to feature their book. Some responded back to me, some simply said they would but did not follow through. Some simply did not respond at all.  That is perfectly fine with me! I want to share a testimony with you!! Some years ago, it was told to me through a prophet that I would have my own book club. In all honesty I forgot all about that. It was until a few weeks ago that I remembered what this prophet said only after I launched this book club. Today I have people requesting that their books be featured on the book club. The book club is a success! I am even starting a book club at the public library in my area. To show those that did follow through just how much I appreciate them, I actually purchased a copy of their book and wrote positive book reviews on Amazon. Now I won't purchase every book featured, but many of them I will. I usually write long book reviews but my work load is so busy that I did not have time. 

For those that do not know, the importance of positive books reviews is a must. If a person is selling on Amazon, the book reviews determine just how much exposure Amazon will actually allow the book to be visible within their search engine. Some do not know that. In others words and for example. If a person is looking for a cookbook if you have reviews, your book is more likely to become visible in a search than an author without reviews. If you do not believe this, do your research. 

Also, positive reviews means more people may purchase your book. Again it really pays to become a Part of My Book Club. I am Exposing authors!!!

Here are the reviews that I wrote. The books that I purchased are some really good books. The poetry book I absolutely love. The book by Barbara Joe, a best selling author on Amazon is pretty darn awesome! 

Barabara Joe's Review

Author Yasmine Harrison's Review

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Yasmine's Feature:

Barbara's Feature:

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