Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Meet Aleigha Butler

My Latest Book Club Feature!

Aleigha Butler
Author/Motivator/Radio Host

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Aleigha Butler was born in Gaffney, SC. She's lived in Georgia for over half of her life. She is the author of bilingual children's book, "A Learning Book Just For Me," "On Fire to Inspire." and "Prayers, Affirmations, and Declarations." She is a  mother, author, internet radio host, budget consultant, philanthropist, and licensed insurance agent. Although Aleigha wears many hats, her passion is to inspire, uplift, empower, and push people into their purpose. "It's time to stop existing and start living! Live in purpose and live on purpose pursuing your passion."

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'A Learning Book Just For Me'
Teaches Foundational Learning Skills for Early Learning in English and Spanish

On Fire to Inspire is a powerful book that will encourage, enlighten, and empower you. I pray that this book not only inspires you, but it creates a passion to pursue your pursue. All of the pieces were inspired by God. Many times he'd give these powerful nuggets in the midnight hour. He sent this tool to light up a world filled with darkness. On Fire To Inspire will bring light to your spirit and your soul. You are destined for greatness! Walk into your victory!

Prayers, Affirmations, and Declarations is a book of prayers. These prayers are to encourage and strengthen people and their spirit. There are prayers for women, children, men, purpose, and many more. You will be encouraged, enlightened, and uplifted after reading this book of prayers.

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The On Fire to Inspire Radio Show & Network
 is a spin off of her Book.

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  1. On Fire To Inspire is now hosted on its own network, The On Fire Inspire Network (same night, same time: Tuesdays at 8pm EST/7pm CST/5pm PST). You can listen via phone by dialing 929-477-2178 or visit All recordings can be heard via the link.