Sunday, March 29, 2015

Hallelujah Print Copies Are Now Available! It Has Been A Long Journey Indeed!

This truly has been a Journey. After a lot of work my book is now available for anyone that wants print copies. The book is listed for $13.00. I am sure that this is a book that people will enjoy. 

Inside the Book
84 pages = 11 chapters
Ends With My Daily Prayer

Book Description - Back Cover

It's Been A Long Journey was written as an act of obedience. Allow me to share my journey with you as I share intimate details about my life from birth until now. It's a journey that I am excited about! The book reveals some of my closest life long friends and people that have been very influential to me. Find out how I raise my children. Moving moments about the first time I felt the Holy Spirit and when I received Christ are all here. Amazingly, I open up about my spiritual gifts. Read about some of the most powerful spiritual encounters and visions that the spirit revealed to me. Find out why I felt like Jonah after being called into ministry. The book encourages and enlightens. It strengthens, builds, and ministers to the hearts of God's people. It's Been a Long Journey that proves that many are called but few are chosen. Mathew 22:14

The moment some have been waiting for is here!
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Print copies can be ordered and shipped to you. 
Proceeds Help Towards My Ministry
Jerusalem Kidz Outreach Ministry

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Book Signing Coming Soon!

Monday, March 2, 2015

How I Improved My Writing Skills

I started writing professionally back in 2007. I knew I had a talent but as with any talent there is always room for improvement. People that want to start a blog or write their first book ask me all the time how they can get started. Many want to know if people with no writing experience can start a writing career.. My answer is yes. To improve my writing skills, I purchased an inexpensive writing book and English & grammar book. I made sure that I proofread everything I wrote, made rough drafts, and then final edits. 

Here are a few more things I did to help me to become the successful writer that I am today. I simply started viewing other peoples blogs to see what they were doing and how they blogged. I payed close attention to how books were written and I did what others were doing. I am not talking about in terms of copying what other people were doing because their are copyright issues that are there. Platforms like Amazon can tell when work is copied. Amazon and other online bookstores run files through software that can detect if the information is original. If the information is not, there could be some serious liabilities. 

I really hope that this helps you in your ventures of becoming a skilled writer. Subscribe to my blog to learn more on how to become a successful writer.

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