Monday, March 2, 2015

How I Improved My Writing Skills

I started writing professionally back in 2007. I knew I had a talent but as with any talent there is always room for improvement. People that want to start a blog or write their first book ask me all the time how they can get started. Many want to know if people with no writing experience can start a writing career.. My answer is yes. To improve my writing skills, I purchased an inexpensive writing book and English & grammar book. I made sure that I proofread everything I wrote, made rough drafts, and then final edits. 

Here are a few more things I did to help me to become the successful writer that I am today. I simply started viewing other peoples blogs to see what they were doing and how they blogged. I payed close attention to how books were written and I did what others were doing. I am not talking about in terms of copying what other people were doing because their are copyright issues that are there. Platforms like Amazon can tell when work is copied. Amazon and other online bookstores run files through software that can detect if the information is original. If the information is not, there could be some serious liabilities. 

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