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Blogging Success Tips

When I first started blogging two years ago, I must admit, I did not know a thing about blogging. I bought a book, I did some research and learned a lot about blogging. Blogging success comes from knowing what a person wants to accomplish with their blog. Are you someone that wants to earn extra money? Do you want to help people and share information? Maybe you just enjoy writing or all three. What ever you wish to accomplish, I want to share with you what I think you should do to make your blog a success. 

Earning Money From Your Blog

If you want to earn money, you should create your own products to sell so that you will receive full earnings. There are some like me that sell niche books. If you have a blog teaching people how to knit or croquet, you could sell items that you make. You could even create a book about knitting or croqueting. Books can be anywhere from 20 pages to 200, its your call.  You could even make videos and earn money with your videos.  Youtube is a great place to get the word out about your blog. How about creating a Youtube channel with the same title as your blog? Then share links from your video directing people to your blog. This will help with visibility. 

There are may streams of income that can be made with a blog. Joining affiliate programs and selling products for others is a way to earn commissions by placing ads on your blog. When people either click on these ads or place an order, you earn money. They key here is to blog about the products you are advertising. Now keep in mind that keeping your good name means credibility. I do not promote products that I do not think are good products or products that I haven't used. To learn more about how to earn money blogging visit here.

Blogging to Boost Your Business

Many business owners are now hiring bloggers to help promote their businesses. Notice that on websites now business owners have the option to create a blog within their website. A blog is very similar to a website. A blog in content based and in this case gives readers informative updates, news, & anything pertaining to services or products that are being offered.

Blog post don't need to be really long but should not be too short. They should be engaging and something that makes people want to return to that blog. People are giving away freebies to new subscribers because a blog will not be successful without an audience. A blog is no different from a website in the since that just because its there means that people will visit.

Learn SEO!!

Blogging success is very important in terms of learning how to create content that will be noticed on the internet. What's SEO? This means search engine optimization. When people do searches on the web if a blog is properly optimized for the web, the blog or site will be one of the first viewable. Creating a blog will not mean that automatically when people do searches on the web, that the blog will be seen. There are tons of blogs and new ones surfacing daily. If you don't have visitors you won't have an audience and you will not earn any money.

Well I just can't sum up all that should be done in one blog post to create a successful blog that will earn a person money. If you are someone that is interested in creating a successful blog, please visit my Hubpages article below: (Does Your Blog Earn You Cash?) Al
Visit here: My Hubpages Article 
If you need to learn how to get traffic to your blog, visit here.

There are many non traditional ways to get yourself noticed and earn the money that you want with your blog. For additional information and how to create a blog that earns you money, please consider using my business coaching services and publishing services to create niche ebooks for your blogs. I've created tons of them. Also if you are a business owner that would like someone to create content, or start your blog please let me know. I can help!

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