Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Young Man I Admire/Author Jared Sawyer Jr.

My latest book club feature is a young man I can't help but admire. When I first noticed Jared Sawyer, I could remember thinking to myself that age is nothing but a number. Jared completes his last year of high school and graduates with honors. He is a Pastor and author with two book titles on Amazon. His latest book titled "911 The Spiritual Emergency System" is a book that we all should read. Jared is definitely someone that inspires,  someone full of wisdom, and someone that has been chosen at young age to fulfill God's purpose. He's done more in his young age than some have done as adults. Take a look at his full BIO.

About the Author

About Minister Jared Sawyer Jr. Internationally and virally acclaimed Minister, Singer, Musician, and Author, Jared Sawyer Jr. is a worldwide sensation of a true man of God with many gifts. Minister Jared Sawyer Jr. is an associate minister at the Center Hill Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia, where the Reverend Waymon A. Martin, Sr. is the Pastor. He is the President and Senior Adviser of Jared Sawyer Jr. Ministries, a wide-ministry devoted to “life, family, fun, and faith.” Because of God’s grace, Jared has been able to be on the Frank Ski and Wanda Morning Show, BBC Broadcasting’s Company, Fox 5, ABC Nightline, and many other media programs. He has been given the opportunity of speaking at numerous events for the NAACP, the City of Stone Mountain, National Black MBA, and more. He has had the honor of meeting, associating, and becoming friends with those as Fred Hammond, William Murphy, Donnie McClurkin, Luther Barnes, Mary Mary, Tony Vaughn, Donald Lawrence, J. Moss, Leland Jones, Shirley Caesar, Producer Will Packer, Mo Ivory, and many more actors, gospel and secular artists, and public figures. Even though he has gotten the opportunity to meet a lot of people, none of them are more important to him than God. Jared is now 17 years old and the number one thing on his mind is preaching the Word of God. Jared’s motto is “Praise Is What I Do”! and I know that God placed him on this Earth to do just that. For more information about Pastor Jared Sawyer Jr., please visit his website at www.jaredsawyerjr.com .

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