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Meet Author Kimberly Robinson Green


My Latest Book Club Feature is...

Author Kimberly Robinson Green
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About Kimberly

KAShe is a woman with a vision and with a heart for Gods people. She has a gift of encouraging and a passion for making a difference. Kimberly is married to her husband David Green Sr. for 23 years, and is the Proud mother of her three sons. David Jr, Dezmond & Daniel Green. All of whom has inspired her to follow her dreams. Kimberly mentors herself after her Mother, Mrs. Christine Robinson, who’s played a huge part of who Kimberly is today. Kimberly is the proud owner & Director of the Christina’s Preschool Academy, and has spearheaded an Organization called Women with a vision. Created to empower, encourage and to inspire Women. 

Kimberly loves God with all of her heart and has found her passion for the art of writing. She has managed to write her debut novel, Her Cry~ Her Prayer~ Her Praise. She is excited about her new journey and anticipates seeing the next chapter of her own life’s book. Kimberly has also written an inspirational book Titled: Encouraged to finish which will be released soon. 

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Jeru Publications Asked and this is what she had to say:

When did I write my first book? I wrote my first book in the spring of 2014, I had recently lost by dad, and found that writing was therapeutic for me.

About My Book:  My book is titled: Her cry her prayer her praise, it’s a moving tale about a young women facing some really hard times. She is raised in a very traditional and conservative Baptist home, where her Father is the Pastor. In spite of her upbringing, the obstacles of life finds her.  This is a remarkable tale about finding hope in a time of darkness, and the transcendent and transformative power of faith.

What kind of books I enjoy writing?  I’m learning that I enjoy writing Inspirational books, I feel with all of the bad news around us, Good News is needed in this day and time.

The most difficult aspect of writing is: I sometimes found it difficult to write when I have a lot going on, I tend to get writers block, with this book, making sure that it flowed well was the hardest part for me, and learning how to give my readers a clear idea of the atmosphere I was creating for my characters!

The advice I would give to inspiring writers like myself is: Be true to yourself, don’t waiver from what you believe in.  Understand that all styles of writing is very different, to find their own, and make it connect with the Audience that they develop. They can’t go wrong, and just to enjoy the ride!

Her Video Almost Made Me Cry!

My next book i'm working on is titled:  Encouraged To Finish – This book is a self-help book, understanding our purpose here on earth, acknowledging who we are to Gods Kingdom and finally….staying Encouraged To Finish what God has designed for us to do.

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