Tuesday, September 13, 2016

10 Mistakes New Authors Make

Author/Publisher/Victoria Sheffield

When I wrote my first book in 2007 I had no idea what I was getting into. I had no idea how to write a book and marketing a book was the last thing on my mind. I guess I thought I would write this book and somehow the book would automatically end up in book stores......or automatically I would sell tons of copies. Little that I new! The truth about selling copies is that unless you are a person that already has an audience or are a well known person, you WILL need to market your book. I enjoy helping people by sharing solutions for mistakes ive' made in the past. 

Mistake #1
Creating your own book cover - Now unless you are a highly talented person or know someone that is, please hire a professional. I can not express how many book covers i've seen that instead of them being eye catching, they turn people away.

Mistake #2
Not having a book properly edited - Of course not even professionals are perfect but book reviews mean everything. I've read many and i've even written them for other authors. Nothing is more embarrassing than reading a review that sounds like this: The book was pretty good but...........it really needs help with editing. I could not understand some things because, words were mispelled, some of the punctuation wasn't in the right place, and some of it just did not make since. Some try to do the entire project themselves. What some don't know is that people read reviews. If people leave bad ones, chances are that people will not purchase your book.

Mistake #3
Assuming that family and friends will purchase a book - Please do not feel some type of way if this happens because some of the same people that you thought were on your side may not buy a copy!

Mistake #4
Not having a book signing - I've been there! When you think about the expenses of having to rent a space you sort of put this on hold. If this is a problem, think about having one at a restaurant as you, family, & friends dine out. Also check with public libraries in your neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods. Ask them if they have events that showcase new authors. If push comes to shove, have a nice event in your home. Make sure you have copies of your book even if you only have 7 to 10 depending upon your guest list. If you run out and hopefully you won't have postcards with your information on them. Also have a smart device just in case someone wants to order then online.

Mistake #5
Copying some else's style - If you know that it's meant for you to write a book. Listen to that inner voice that inspires you. Trying to walk in someone else's shoes opens up a door for a real disaster.

Mistake #6
Are you sure writing a book is your thing? There are many areas where author's talent can be utilized. If writing a book is not your thing, try writing magazine articles, blog post, resume writing, or business forms.

Mistake #7
Writing the wrong type of genre -You may be a children's author. You may be a person inspired to write inspiration, novels, mystery, fiction, or nonfiction. It is very important to stay in your lane. Does this mean one person can not have two styles of writing? Of course not! I am speaking to those again that step outside of their lane.

Mistake #8
Not promoting your book - If you have a book and expect to have sales and you are not marketing your book, you are in for it. Try creating a website for your new book. If you can not create a website now there is still good news for you. Try creating a Facebook page for your new book. There are other free social media platforms. Make sure you let people know how they can purchase a copy. Invite people to visit your pages and share it at least three times a week in different places. 

Mistake #9
Pricing your book wrong - The best thing to do is take a look at what other people are charging for their books. How many pages your book has means everything. Why would an author charge the same thing for a 100 page book that they would charge for a 300 page book? Not charging enough is a total waste of time! If you are shipping out books, make sure they pay shipping cost.

Mistake #10
Choosing the wrong publisher - many choose to self publish a book. This is perfectly fine but there are people that can be trusted that can help you get your project done the right way. When I published my first book, the publishing company did not help me with anything other than with getting my book registered as a legit author. To this day, the company has not sold one copy for me. Does this mean that all publishers are like this? No! Some will go the extra mile but do your research. Not to mention that is IS NOT the job of a publisher to sell your book unless you are paying for MARKETING & DISTRIBUTION.

The truth, there are many mistakes that new authors can make. Today I am only sharing 10. I hope that whether you are a new author or not, that something I have shared with you helps you on your journey.

If my publishing company Jeru Publications can help you with anything, please let me know. We help authors by being honest and providing professional services at prices that can be afforded. If you decide to self publish, we can still help you. We make book covers, we help market and distribute, we write press releases, we help plan book signing, virtual and offline, we create cover photos, live interviews, websites, flyers, postcards, business cards, editing, and help you build a fan base. We can help with it all or pick which service you need.

Think you can't write a book!
You can because we even provide ghostwriting services for people that create ebooks for their website. We even write content for blogs and magazines. If we help you publish your books that are not ebooks, we are paid ONLY 4 to 6 percent royalties. If we are listed as the publisher, we help you market your book, create a free facebook page, & no worries you will earn most of the royalties. We make sure everything is on paper and agreed upon before the project is released. 

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