Friday, September 23, 2016

A Facebook Post From A Father That Went Viral

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Today I read something on ABC News that has brought me to tears. As a mother with a special needs daughter, after reading the news, my heart is broken but yet joyed. Having children of my own, I am so use to getting papers to fill out at the start of a new school year. One paper that teachers require to be filled out is done by the children. This paper is designed that the teacher can get a fill of who children are. The paper usually ask a few questions. Bob Cornelius's son was asked: what his favorite food was, what's his favorite sport is, who his closest friends are etc.... Totally unaware after looking at his son's paper noticed that when asked who his friends were, Christopher answered "no one

This touched the father so much that he took a photo of the paper and posted it on the wall of his facebook page. Christopher is one of many autistic children. He had no idea that Christopher was eating lunch alone each school day. The heartbroken father not only posted the photo on facebook but wrote a long detailed statement sharing his feelings. The post went viral reaching more than 12,000 viewers. With tons of comments from concerned touched people, Christopher no longer eats school lunch alone and has tons of friends. His father states that his son is very bright and has a great since of humor. If people would just get to know him and others like him. Once can only imagine how long this would have been the case had this father not posted this. How many of these children eat alone.

As stated, I have a daughter with downs that is not only classified as a "comedian" in our home but very bright. No child or person for that matter should feel as if they do not fit into this world. I write this to bring awareness. The next time you see someone born different give them a hug, a smile, or just let them know that they even exist. Many children born death experience this loneliness. They have no one other than family and others like them to communicate with. Think about taking sign language classes because unless we are them, we do not know how they feel.

Christopher, I am your newest friend!

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