Friday, September 23, 2016

Where to Sell Ebooks Free

I can remember years ago creating my first book. After doing a little research, I realized that not only were people earning money writing books but that they were making a lot of money selling ebooks. Some are even millionaires. Being a new author however, I just did not where where to sell my ebooks. I did even more research to find a few platforms that would allow me to upload and sell free of charge. Unfortunately some of those platforms were not well known which means that I would need to push very hard to market my books myself. Sure ebooks can be sold independently as mentioned in my book "Become a Power Seller Writing Ebooks"  but having instant download is a plus. Selling ebooks independently means that a seller would have to email ebooks and hope that the seller got their copy. I actually had a few people to tell me after paying that they did not get their book for whatever the reason.

With Selz, that is not a problem. Not to mention that I have a 
free book store. They do have paid plans which I am planning on doing very soon but I love the fact that I could add my own cover photo and image of me. I even added a description of me. With the paid option, the store has way more features. The lowest a month will cost about $13.00 so I can't wait to do that. Now with each transaction, Selz will get a very small piece of the pie but its worth it. I mean it a free place to host and sell your digital products. Selz will ask users to add banking information but that's just so they can direct deposit. They are a reliable source that many have been using for a while. Selz was founded in 2013 by Martin Rushe. They have a team that serves about 100,000 merchants worldwide. I've had my Selz store for about a year now with no problems. I like it because they do everything for authors. Its fast and easy!  (see plans below) If you are an author interested in having a Selz store, visit here: Start Selling Today! 
They even help you by sharing marketing tools.

  • Free
    • $0/month
    • 5 product max
    • 2% transaction fee
    • Basic feature set
  • Starter
    • $12.99/month
    • Unlimited products
    • 2% transaction fee
    • Adds
      • Customizable designs
      • Themes
      • Blog functionality
  • Plus
    • $19.99/month
    • Unlimited products
    • 1% transaction fee
    • Adds
      • Abandoned cart tracking
      • Fully featured shopping cart
      • Priority support
      • Custom fields
      • Shipping plus
      • Paypal integration
      • Custom domain names
  • Pro
    • $26.99/month
    • Unlimited products
    • No transaction fee
    • Adds
      • Custom receipts
      • Tax invoicing
      • License keys
    • If you are in need of ghostwriting services send an email request to:
    • For a buck a page, we can create a book you can sell for years to come!
    • Seventy-five cents a page, we can properly edit your book.
    • We can create a book cover for you for $25.00
    • Give us a week for 25  pages, next week you can start selling!!
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