Monday, November 14, 2016

Blogging Tips for Writers

Today I want to share a few things that I hope can help other writers during their blogging journey. I've been writing professionally since 2007. Believe it or not I have five blog. I blog because I love to write but if I can make a little money on the side then great! There are many things that I have learned along the way. I really hope the tips help.

Keep a Good Posture
I notice that when I try to write in my bed instead of sitting at a desk or in a well supported chair, that my lower backs starts to hurt.  Make sure that your computer is positioned is a way that your body is in no strain.  Make sure that your  spine is straight and that your back is not slumped over.

Give Yourself Some Exercise
If you are someone that writes full time, make sure that you are getting enough exercise. I made the mistake of sitting in the same place too long day after day and received a bit of weight gain. 

Give Your Eyes a Rest
If you are someone blogging long periods at a time on the computer, give your eyes a rest from the computer. Sometimes staring at a computer too long can start to effect the eyes.

Wear a Wrist Band
I've suffered from carpal tunnel in my wrist from typing too long. Try wearing a wrist band if your wrist starts to hurt. Give your wrist a break until the pain goes away. Never keep on working with this type of pain because of permanent damage.

Revise Old Blog Post
Every six months or so, read old blog post to see if information is still accurate. There are times that I read old blog post only to find links that no longer work. This is a great time to see what the blogger can do to make the blog post a little more appealing.  The old blog post can be promoted just as well as the new ones.

Got Writers Block??
Get your daily news paper or old magazines from thrift shops to get ideas. If that doesn't give you ideas, try watching television or the daily news.

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