Tuesday, December 27, 2016

8 Year Old Author Aleyah Sheffield

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Author Aleyah Sheffield BKA - Lee Lee

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Aleyah is definitely a kid after kid's heart. When I asked her why she wanted to write a book she said because you did and so that I could help kids learn to read. Parents play a great part as examples of their children's success. Plus they are not too young to learn about business. I knew something was special about her because she's a little girl but has a spirit of an old lady. Aleyah is my youngest child. She is the baby of six children and often says mom I don't like to be the baby because everybody picks on me! lol 

She is a girl schout trooper and a dancer for my mentoring program (Glistening Diamond Dolls) and has a voice to die for.
 (She can sing like her father) Entrepreneurship runs down her vein. When she decided that she wanted to be an author, to my surprise, she played a big part in the planning and creating of her book. She helped me with the typing and the entire look of her project. She was very eager to do a lot of the work herself. I was soooo amazed! We love Lee Lee's ABC book because children of all ages can learn how to read. The book has sight words in Spanish and English along with the Alphabets to help children learn their ABC's. Each page has a colorful picture so that children can identify the picture with the word and letters. The book makes a great gift and learning tool.

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  1. Congratulations on your book.

  2. This is just AWESOME and so are YOU, Lee Lee!!! Don't stop!! I am sooooo proud of you and PROUD to know you!! WTG!!! I must listen to and get the book! WTG!!! Love, Gmommy