Tuesday, January 17, 2017

This Months Book Club Feature/Denise Walker

This Months Book Club Feature is Denise Walker

Author Denise Walker is the founder of 
Hope-in-Christ Ministries.
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The Ministries Focus.........

Community Outreach
Youth Development
Christian Writing

Her New Release!


 Taking A Healthy Look at the Holy One of Israel

Available on Amazon <<<<Here

We asked her a few questions about her new release.
Here's What She Had to Say~~~~

1. What inspired you to write this book?
God gave me the vision for this series of youth journals/workbooks because so many youth don't know the truth about Christ.
2. How can this book change the lives of children?
This book will answer many questions about why Christ is the only way and will draw them to salvation through him.
3. Could you let us know why you chose the title?
God gave me the title because so may have fallen away from the truth and are not teaching the young people. 
Therefore, God led me to call it Re-Presenting God 
(meaning presenting him again to this generation)
4. What age group can benefit from your journal?
The journal can actually be completed by anyone who has questions about Christ, but the age group that I focused on is middle and high school.
5. What advice can you give new authors wishing to publish a book?
I would say stop procrastinating. (do it now) 
Don't worry about the how. God will take care of that part.

I strongly agree with it all! Jeru Publications wants to congratulate you Denise on your new publication. We hope and pray that many copies sell. The journal would make a great gift and would be an asset to youth departments in churches or Christian Schools. 

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