Friday, February 3, 2017

Things You Can Do Today to Help You Sell More Books

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I know how exciting it feels to become a published author but what's your why? - as a business coach this is a question I  always ask. Why did you write your book? Did you write it just so people would know that you did something great or did you write it hoping to earn an extra income? I have often said that a person's book is their business.  Just in case you did not know, the moment you became an author, you became an entrepreneur!

Let me dig into that more. If you are an author and you want to make more book sales, you WILL NEED to push book sales. Sometimes the people you think should support what you do, won't. I will never forget becoming an author in 2007 and thinking that the publishing company would automatically sell books for me. My first book which was and still is a great book sold no copies on the publishing companies website or Amazon. Little that I knew was that marketing and distribution was an added expense unless it comes with a publishing package.

If you are a person that can pay for advertisement I think this is great but if you can't there are a few things you can do today to help you sell more books. In other words, you will have to sell your books sort of like people selling CD's out of their trunk so to speak.

1. Use target marketing - get in front of people that enjoy reading books. Most importantly people that enjoy the type of book you are selling.

2. Get active and stay active on social media. Make new friends and make sure that people can clearly see that you are an author and see your book details on your profiles.

3. Schedule book signing events frequently. Try to do at least 3 a year and even more. This means when you get extra money instead of buying new clothes or eating out invest in copies of your book. Your book is your business and if you sell two or three copies every now and then, you'll NEVER make the best seller list. I promote my books daily and have managed to get to the point where I receive royalties monthly on Amazon, weekly on Selz, and daily through my personal sales.  

So think about unique ways that you can promote your book. There are many ways but I can't share everything here to day. Subscribe to this blog and receive more tips later on how you can sell more books.

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Business Cards, Cover Photos, Flyers, Magazine Spreads, & Radio Exposure are on our long list of ways to help get the word out about your business.

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