Saturday, September 2, 2017

Meet Author Merci McKinley

In our lives we just never know the trials that we will be faced with. I've often stated that there is a story inside of all of us and we just never know how much our story will touch others. As I read Author McKinley's BIO I am moved by her story and encourage all if you haven't to either write your story or to share it with someone.

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Little did Merci know the Bible she’d received as a gift from her mother when she was nine years old would sustain her through most of her trials and tribulations as a domestic violence and sexual assault survivor. In The Harvest, Merci teaches Christian women a simple but profound way to turn their tragedies into triumphs. As a born again Christian, Merci found an uncompromising faith in the word of God. The Harvest is a powerful Christian Devotional that guides women through a step-by-step process of uncovering the layers of their pain with the love of God, Bible scripture and prayer. Women will find their lives transformed by faith and inspired by love in this true story of female empowerment and overcoming adversity.

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