Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Congrats to LaTarsha Holden! You Are the Winner of our Children's Author Contest!

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In the month of September Jeru Publications celebrated and recognized children's authors. I posted a flyer on social media and asked that other children's authors post their book details. The winner would receive a free feature on this blog.The response really turned out great. I celebrate these authors because as a children's author myself I know how difficult it can be to put together all of the details such as the illustrations and etc... 

I really enjoy those books that send a positive message to our little readers. After I chose this author, I recognized her from a previous broadcast. She has an amazing story and her humble spirit is one I will never forget. Her book has 26 pages of detailed reasons why children should not fight. This is a great book to help us teach our children good values. Let's support her and purchase a copy for our children. This will make a great birthday or holiday gift. 

Her book details can be found on Amazon Here!

Congratulations Again for Being the Winner of our Contest!

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