Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Life After Lean on Me by Author Dr. Pinky Miller

This Month's Book Club Feature is.............Dr. Pinky Miller

Did you ever wonder what ever happened to Mr. Joe Clark - the principal of Eastside High School? I can't even count how many times i've watched this on television. In fact I just watched it again about a month ago. I am still moved by the courage it took for administrators and a principal that broke every barrier. The actual story is based on a true story of how a principal that some thought was pretty stern turned around a school that seemed hopeless. Just in case you are someone that did not get the privilege of watching this I want to share with you the movie details on Youtube. 

Did you ever wonder what happened to some of the original students of Eastside High? Well I had the priveledge of meeting one of the students - Dr. Pinky Miller at an author expo that I attented. I was so excited and thrilled to see and meet her. Of course the names of the students were changed in the movie but this author was smart enough to write their story and to share with us in her book what the students are doing today. Did you know that those amazing young men that sang the school alma mater in the restroom are a real singing group today? From Dr. Pinkey's own words she said that Mr. Clark played a major role of the success in her and the other students. One thing I truly remember about her is her humble spirit. I am so thankful that someone is keeping those memories charished. This amazing powerful story and documentary shows that situations in our community can change if we are willing to help make a difference.

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