Monday, March 5, 2018

Meet Our Latest Author Feature Parker J. Cole!

Time to Say Goodbye (Michigan Sweet Romance) by [Cole, Parker J]


We are thrilled to have as our newest feature Parker J. Cole. She is an author, speaker, and radio host. She loves the Lord with all her heart. Parker J. Cole enjoys knitting, Star Trek, k-dramas, anime, romance books, old movies, and speculative ficition. She not new to writing though. She has several releases that you can learn more about here @ - Her newest release can also be found on Amazon here

Take a look at her book details:

 Gargi Kapoor is the only one convinced her brother, Dev, is innocent of the crime he was convicted of. When he is sent to the hospital with an unexplained paralyzing disease she finds herself having to lean on the last person she’d ever want to depend on -- a man who wants her brother to pay for stealing his mother’s life savings.

Leon Reckley is extremely satisfied to find the man who ripped his mother off suffering from an unknown disease that leaves him paralyzed and in need of rehabilitation therapeutic services. He’s even happier when he is given the opportunity to be the therapist that makes him fit enough to return to prison to finish his sentence. No one will work harder to make sure Dev Kapoor serves every minute of his prison sentence. 

Gargi never dreamed the man who has utter contempt for her brother would be the man she slowly begins to trust. Leon never thought he’d be convinced Dev might be innocent, let alone be drawn to his enemy’s little sister. Together, will they find the truth? Or when Leon’s job is over, will it simply be time to say goodbye?

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