Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Meet Author Irish J. Benton

Domestic Survivor Author Irish J. Benton is my latest author feature. She resides in Concord, North Carolina. I will have the privilege of interviewing her today on the #CWBN Network. Not only is she a survivor but she's an advocate, speaker, and talk show host. 
Tune In by dialing in @ (657) 383-0791.

                                        Visit her website here.


Author Irish J Benton aka ( DivaNation) is a native of Concord North Carolina.  She is the mother of three wonderful children. Courtney Denise Benton, Tyran James Benton ( USA Army) and Elijah Harris.  Author Irish is on a mission to bring total wellness and healing to women all across the globe who have suffered from domestic violence by aiding and giving them the hope and assurance that they can lead and live successful lives after domestic abuse.   She spends countless hours in training as well as hosting lunch and learns in her community to keep everyone in the know about domestic violence.  She is the author of her very first book " BREAKING HIS SILENCE" which released in October 2016,  just in time for domestic violence awareness month. This book is a TRUE event book based on her exposure and experiences living with abusers. She is currently working on her second book which is scheduled to be released next Summer. She is so passionate about this global issue that she has now partnered with a local radio broadcast WRDBMedia/WGIV to host the airways weekly and continue the conversation and education about D.V. She has devoted her life and resources to fight against domestic violence in hopes that women will choose life over an abuser who could potentially take their lives. She remains optimistic that we will see decreased numbers in domestic violence homicides by 2020.

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