Thursday, June 13, 2019

Our Latest Book Club Feature is Author Adrian Walker II

We Are Happy to
 Announce that Minister Adrian C. Walker II is our Latest 
Book Club Feature - Based on His True Story #ChristianPublication

From his youthful perspective, Adrian C. Walker II, whom is the eldest of thirteen siblings, and now aspiring author- instantaneously and subconsciously discovered that growing up sooner than than later was his determining factor. 

In retrospect, leading a sheltered way of living was inevitable but normal. His life was changed dramatically at the young age of 12. The plague of bad news surfaced when he and his parents got a diagnosis of Mr. Walker having a bone tumor, in which was expected by the doctors to end Walker’s life or live his life as a leg amputee. 

However, Mr. Walker’s distressful event of receiving his diagnosis was nothing short of the storms he faced in years to come; cancer, two failed marriages, multiple near death experiences, alcoholism, non illusionary premonitions, and more. 

As a reader of this written story, Adrian C. Walker II will guide you through the fire and into his journey as a survivor of many events that were deemed to be his breaking point of life itself. His hope is for you to master the art of humbly doing the same.

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