Monday, August 5, 2019

Women of Power II is Blessing so Many!!

Women of Power II is already Blessing Many! I personally have sold 46 books prior to recently publishing. This does not include copies sold by the other contributors. We've only been published less than a month but our stories are touching lives. The first book was so amazing that Jeru Publications decided to publish a second. Yes there will be a third and who knows maybe a fourth. Each book has powerful testimonies from the contributors and the visionary Author Victoria Sheffield. The books are so life changing that they motivate, empower, and give anyone that reads them the strength to overcome. The contributors share true stories some in which have never been told. 

God is a sustainer, a healer, and everything that we need. I want readers to know that God will keep us in the midst of a storm. Read about how God sustained us all an gave us the strength to endure. Are you having a difficult day?? Pop this book in your purse or briefcase. Read it anytime you feel a little down or discouraged. I am sure that your strength will be renewed. You will be encouraged and have the power you need to soar. Do you have a family member that has a birthday coming up soon? The book would be a great gift for men and women at any occasion. 

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Include it in a gift basket. Give it to a friend that is going through something. If you order one from me today, I will autograph it for you and send a small special gift. The book will ship out within 10 days. If you follow one of the contributors on social media, inbox them and ask them how you can get a copy.

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 Jeru Publications has been providing publishing services since 2009. We have another collaboration project on the way. Sharing your story will even help you heal! If you'd like to be a part of it email us @ or inbox me through facebook. Earn royalties for sharing your story plus your testimony will be a blessing to those that read it. This could be our next bestseller!!

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